Bass For Cash Series Championship – Pre-Tournament Details

The 2017 Collins Inc. – Bass For Cash Series Championship will take place this weekend, September 30th & October 1st, out of Pembroke Creek at Edenton, NC using the Bayside Marina & Grill as our launch and return point.

Bass For Cash Series (BFCS) Teams

  • Morning registration is planned to begin on-site at 5:15 AM.
  • The Bayside Grill will be open for breakfast.  Please consider our event host regarding breakfast, ice, and any last minute tackle needs.
  • Cash or check is the only form of payment accepted for event registration.
  • Having a completed entry form ready when you arrive will save you some time.  Entry forms can be printed by clicking here.
  • Every team must check in at our tournament trailer the morning of each event. Even if you have pre-registered, we need to know that you are in attendance and provide you with important information.
  • A livewell check will be conducted prior to blast off.
  • Blast Off Will Begin At Safe Light – Approximately 6:45 – 7:00 AM.
  • Please be checked in, have your livewells checked, and your boat in the water well in advance of the start of the event.
  • Day #1 Teams Return / Weigh-In – 3:00 PM (Check In With Tournament Official)
  • Day #2 Teams Blast-off in reverse order.
  • Day #2 Teams Return / Weigh-In – 2:30 PM (Check In With Tournament Official)
  • Five (5) fish limit per boat. Minimum size for this event will be 14” in length.
  • Reminder, no courtesy measurements allowed during weigh-in.
  • Please take time to read over the complete 2017 BFCS rules as tournament rules may vary from tournament trail to tournament trail.  We do not want to see anyone caught off guard with a rules violation.